We have a simple menu. We MUST have vehicle at 10 am Tues-Sat, NO LATER, we open at 10. We reserve the right to refuse service. The price may vary upon inspection.


Extensive 4 stage paint renewal is available by quote, tree sap removal, over spray, hard water spot removal, odor removal, head light restoration, are available.  Minivans, SUVs, Crossovers, anything not a coupe, sedan, or pick up may be extra. Discounts or extra charge may be applied after inspection.
SEE OUR ARTICLE IN "PROFFESIONAL CARWASH AND DETAILING" MAGAZINE.. http://www.carwash.com/articles/profile-in-success-a-detailed-plan-for-success-2
There may be an extra charge for any of the following:
Pet hair
Tree sap or tar
Trucks over 7 feet tall
Excessively dirty interior
Hard water spots
No appointment needed, just bring your vehicle in at 10am any day Tues-Sat. Make sure your vehicle is empty of all personal belongings before coming. (not glove box and center consols), and throw away any trash.  This includes stuff in side pockets of the doors and under seats. Tow hitches need to be removed as well.
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